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Beach, sea, sailing, sight-seeing and a vibrant nightlife. Culture and traditions, historical monuments, nature reserves, delicious cuisine. All the ingredients for a perfect holiday. A Bulgaria holiday.

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Holiday Luxury Apartments
We have beach luxury holiday apartments in Panorama Apartments, Nessebar and Poseidon Hotel, Sunny Beach. Nessebar apartments in popular Panorama Beach complex in the old quarter of Nessebar overlooking the bay area. The apartment sleeps 4 adults. This is a self-catering apartment. For more details and check availability follow link or click on photo.

Poseidon Hotel complex located in the northern part of Sunny Beach. The 3 star hotel itself is 150m from the beach. Facilities include out-door swimming pool and pool-side-bar, bar, restaurant, laundry and 24 hour room service. This is a 1 bedroom apartment which will sleep upto a maximum 4 adults. The apartment has the option of B&B or self-catering, or more details and check availability follow link or click on photo.


Bulgaria is situated in the South East Europe with a population of 7,973,670. The capital is Sofia.The official language is Bulgarian<BR>The official religion is Orthodox Christianity. Currency is the Lev. Bulgaria joined the EU in 2007. Time zone GMT +2 hours.

Bulgaria borders many neighbours: Romania in the North; Greece and Turkey to the South; the Black Sea to the East; and Serbia on the West, covering a total of 43,000 square miles.


Climate is moderate with over 2,000 hours of sunlight. Average Summer temperature is above 23 degrees centregrade. The July temperatures ranges from 19 to 30 degrees centrgrade around the Black Sea. The average annual precipitation for the country is 650 mm.


Bulgaria due to its history and influences from neighbouring countries has a wide variety of specialities. Sunny Beach and Nessebar being coastal towns get an abundance of seafood. There are so many varieties of fish including scad, turbot, sea bass and bream, shark, squid and octopus.

The mediterranean climate produces an abundance of vegetables. Consequently, you can enjoy many types of salad and they are so cooling during the heat of the day.

Bulgaria as a result of its hard winters and hot summers have produced an excellent selection of white and red wines for local consumption and export. We love the red wines.


Bulgaria was established by Khan Asparoukh and has existed for over 13 centuries. On 10 November 1989 marked the beginning of the democracy in Bulgaria. Bulgaria adopted with her new Constitution in 1991. Bulgaria also became a member of the Council of Europe in the same year.

In 2004 saw Bulgaria joining NATO. In 1995, Bulgaria started the process of accession to the European Union. On April 2005 Bulgaria signed the Treaty of Accession of Republic of Bulgaria to the European Union.

Bay near Nessebar

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