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How Time Savers works is that we have collected together in one easily accessible place links to information resouces on the internet. We have been through numerous links provided by search engines. Thrown away the unproductive links that would have taken you hours to get through.

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What's On?

Cardiff is a lively city buzzing with events and activities to suit all tastes. The city has a fun filled atmosphere now that it is gearing up for the peak of its Centenary Celebrations.

Can't decide what to choose and do on a night out or weekend? Use these helpful links to decide:

Net Cardiff For restaurants, pubs and eating houses.

My Cardiff A great site to quickly find films showing, gigs and comedy shows.

Chapter Cardiff's Art Centre. Take part in or watch theatre, films, gigs and art gallery.

New Theatre The premier location for theatre and performing arts in Cardiff.

Cardiff Events A very comprehensive listing of venues and events of all types.

Arts4CardiffA dedicated site for Arty happenings.

BBC Wales Where else to find the latest news of Wales.

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Travel and Transport

Cardiff has excellent road, rail and air links which makes it so easy to get to and from here.

To help you get around in Cardiff, an interactive Cardiff Map with directions to get you where you want to be. Click on the "Get directions" button to be able to enter a start and destination either using street names or post codes.

Cardiff Buses Bussing can be economical, convenient and more eco-friendly as it helps reduce traffic congestion. The main bus station is located just off Wood Street. Click on the Cardiff Bus logo to be taken to their home page. These links will take you to Route Maps and Timetables.

National Express the UK's No.1 coach network! You can buy a ticket and book your seat online by clicking on the National Express Logo above. Over 1000 UK and European destinations. Discounts for students, families and Over 60s. National Express main Station is co-located with Cardiff Central Bus Staion just off Wood Street.

Rail Logo Rail Travel Cardiff is fortunate to have two railway stations. Cardiff Central Station, just off Wood Street, is the busiest with frequent intercity services to and from London Paddington, Birmingham, West Country and the South Coast to name a few. The main entrance has been restored to its former 1920's glory.

Queen Street Commuter Station serves local suburban stations and surrounding valleys. Click on the Train to plan and book your rail journey.

Cartoon Taxi Taxis Always use a licensed Hackey Cab or Private Hire Car. It is advisable to pre-book your pick up for your return journey especially if you are travelling on your own. Click on the Taxi Logo for an up to date listing of Taxi firms.

TransportDirectLogo.gif Transport Direct is a complete journey planner for national and international travel. Use it to find a train, Flight, coach, car route.Compare journey times, convenience and costs.

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Post Office Foreign Currency was very convenient for us to use. There were no charges when we changed back our foreign currency notes at the Post Office on our return from abroad.

What is convenient is that you do the changes at your nearest Office that provides the service. What was especially useful was the later than normal opening hours of the Branch in Asda Superstore at Pontprennau Cardiff. Really good if you are tied into normal office hours.

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Health Services

Health Care NHS Wales Directory listing by region or service your Doctors, Dentists, Hospitals, Pharmacies etc...

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Jobs and Careers

You are 3 clicks away from your new job. Thousands of jobs registered on-line for all areas of the UK covering a wide range of Full-time and Part-time employment.

Cardiff is the commercial and administrative centre of Wales. Businesses and organisations are striving to attract customers, clients and successful sales executives. Salestarget.co.uk is a specialist recruitment agency looking to place successful sales professionals in Cardiff, Wales and UK wide.

Search with ease. Even have them email you with new vacancies as they publish them.

Working holiday? Part time?? Year off? Beer Money? There are lots of seasonal jobs, part-time, temporary jobs for college and uni students in the UK & abroad.

Government site giving help and advice on job hunting, claims for benefit, and career advice. Assistance on CV compilation and applications for employment.

The advertisng website set up by four regional newpaper groups. Updated daily with thousands of jobs on their database. There should be one that fits you.

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Schooling and Education

Every parent wants the best for their children. Ensuring that your children get a good education is paramount. Schools in Wales
lists all the local authority schools in Wales and provides you with the first step in finding a good school for your children.

An alternative place to start your search would be the Good Schools Guide which also includes independent schools in the private sector.

You would also need to assess and compare the schools for many factors. The Government has produced a helpful guide to Choosing a School. It will help you to understand the differences between the types of schools, find and research schools in your area, apply for places at your selected schools and how to appeal if your application wasn't successful.

Welsh Schools Inspection Reports produced by Estyn (Her Majesty's Inspectorate for Education and Training in Wales)would help you choose between the schools in Wales.

Non compulsory or post-16 education and training opportunities are very good in Wales and particularly South Wales. Education and Learning Wales (ELWa) encourages young people and adults to continue lifelong learning. ELWa also encourages employers to be involved and subsidise lifelong skills learning and training. Map of Wales showing locations of Colleges providing Further Education and links to the Colleges websites.

Wales has a proud tradition in Education. There are a number of Colleges in the University of Wales and they are located in different towns and Cities across Wales.Map of Wales showing the locations of the Colleges in Wales providing University level education. Click through to find out about their teaching or reseach faculties. There are also links to the Colleges or Universities own websites from there.

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Food and Drink

Busy working and got a hectic social life too? Weekly shopping can swallow up so much of your time. Especially at the queues for the checkout, exits from the car parks and traffic jams! Massive Time Savers!

Make your choices on line and let Tesco deliver to your door. Saving stress and time! Pick a delivery slot to suit you too. We buy most of our weekly shopping through this link. And we have found there are additional discounts for being a regular customer. PLUS savings on electronic products when purchased on-line at Tesco.com.

Organic Food is the passion of Green Cuisine, South Wales Online Organic Supermarket. We came across Green Cuisine while we were enjoying one of Deli Rouge's exciting salad rolls.

We were intrigued by the livery on the van offering home or office deliveries and impressed by the curteous attitude of the delivery driver. And you can imagine that we were delighted to learn that their veg tasted so good as we were munching through the tasty salad rolls at the time. So organic does not mean bland lentils!

Have you ever had a special guest or guests that you were wanting to create a meal for and you were stuck for ideas, recipes, time or Right Ingredients? We were. Many times!!

Thankfully you should not be put in the same situation as us! Right Ingredients have exciting menus that you can choose to WOW your guests. The menus include starters, main courses, desserts and even wines to accompany the food. The pack arrives complete, ingredients, wine (to be drunk with the meal not a la Floyd) and instructions on preparing the meal.

Right Ingredients saves you time in creating a menu, finding and buying the ingredients, getting the recipes and instructions on how to prepare the meal. You still have to provide the Chef. And maybe thats not a bad thing. We are sure you will agree that this is a great Time Savers!!

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Useful Information

Post Code Finder Post Code Finder is free and NO SIGNUP. You have 10 free searches a day. We find this site is so much easier and to use than the Royal Mail's and yet it uses the Royal Mail information. So if you find an easier to use one, let us know! We regularly use this great Time Savers!

Council Tax Valuation List is useful to find the band that your property is in. Then you have to find out from your Council Offices what that band is chargeable for. Another good use is that you can use it to find out postcodes. If you have the first part of the postcode, it can be useful. Otherewise you need the name of the billing authority in which the property is situated. Then put in the number or name of the building, street and town in the respective fields. You may then get a display of the properties in the street with their postcodes.

Cardiff County Council Logo Cardiff County Council like them or loathe them. The Council provides many of the local services that residents rely on. This site is very useful to find out about the services and can be intimidating to use.

Refuse Collection Days One of the things that residents must know! At the Home Page, Click on "Environment" in Site Sections. Click on "Waste & Recycling" then click on "Waste Collection & Recycling Schedule". An Waste.PDF Document should be available for downloading which gives the waste recycling and collection schedules for the various wards of Cardiff.

Put your waste out for collection no earlier than 7pm on the day before your collection. If you miss the collection, TAKE the waste OFF THE STREET. You could get fined up to 70 pounds if you have left rubbish out on the street on non-collection days.

Remember! There are special arrangements for rubbish collections in the week that has a bank holiday in it. The Council normally drops flyers through the doors and you can check online for the arrangements.

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