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How Money Savers works is that we have collected together into one easily accessible place links to suppliers of goods and services.

They supply of deal direct with you. They are committed to economising on advertising costs. Reducing transport, distribution, storage and labour expenses while providing good service levels and pass on savings to you.

We have been through numerous links provided by search engines, and collected those that provide good services at a keen price.

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Travel and Transport

Mega Bus Logo

Mega Bus offers cost efecctive road or coach transport for travellers or tourists travelling to London.

We have travelled abroad on business and found using our UK contract mobile expensive for phoning the UK and especially numbers in the country that we were visiting. We were so inconvenienced to the extent that we purchased a mobile phone specifically for that country.

If your mobile phone provider doesn't allow you to use your mobile abroad or the charges are prohibitive, try a roaming card from 0044 above. Don't get caught out like we did!

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