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Dysgwch yn y Gymraeg

Nid yw'r cyfleoedd yn digwydd yn aml yng Nghaerdydd. Archebwch nawr.

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Free Rent Smart Wales Training

Limited number of spaces for landlords with properties registered in Bridgend to attend Rent Smart Wales for free. Provide us with your details to get on the course. Once they are gone, they are GONE.

More Good News?

Will we see interest rates go to Zero?

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Good News for Tracker Mortgage Holders

Bank of England announced interest rate cut to 0.25%

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Lowest Bank Rate Ever?

Lowest Bank Rate Ever?

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Llantrisant Street, Cathays, Cardiff. Furnished Student House.

Llantrisant Street, Cathays, Cardiff. Furnished 5 double bedroom student house. Modern, neutral decor.

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Nessebar Apartments. Minutes from historic Nessebar, Sandy beaches and sea.

Nessebar Apartments. Close to historic Nessebar, lovely beaches. Easy access to Sunny Beach resort area for night life and resort activities.

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Tenants on Universal Credit and Arrears

Inside Housing, the social housing sector publication, conducted a survey with alarming findings.

Tenants and landlords should plan to prevent arrears.

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Rent Hikes Due to Recent Changes

We anticipated that the recent changes which resulted in landlords having increased running costs such as licensing fees, loss of wear and tear allowances would result in higher rents are proving true.

A survey by Kent Reliance has shown that the changes to mortgage tax relief have trickled through in higher rents.

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Brexit? Will it affect BTL mortgages?

With Bank of England base rate set at 0.25%, what will happen to our mortgages?

How much scope is there for cutting interest rates considering that they are currently at 0.25%? Would the Bank go into negative interest rate territory?

Why would the Bank raise rates? Are they likely to? Click on the link to find out more.

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PRS Landlord evicting a Tenant does not violate Human Rights.

The Supreme Court ruled against an appeal from Fiona MacDonald who was fighting against an eviction order from receivers acting for the mortgagors.

The court ruled a tenant could not argue their human rights were infringed if a private landlord claimed possession of their home.

In 2011, the Supreme Court had ruled that a social housing tenant could claim a possession order impacted on their human rights if the landlord was a public authority (Manchester City Council v Pinnock).

The judges decided that lawmakers wanted the contractual terms of an AST came before human rights laws.

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Wentloog Close P0035

Wentloog Close, Unfurnished Flat for rent in desireable area close to local shops with easy access to City Centre and M4

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200 Greenway Road, Trowbridge, Cardiff CF3 3PP

Greenway Road, 2 Bed semi-furnished first floor flat, Trowbridge CF3 3PP

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Thackeray Crescent

Thackeray Crescent, house with room and flatlets for rent.

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Penrhyn Close, CF3 1RN Unfurnished 3 DoubleBedroom House

Penrhyn Close 3 double bedroom Unfurnished House.

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