Use our handy tenant guide to find a suitable property. You should find this information useful.


What is the general condition of the roof? Have any tiles slipped?
Are the gutters well maintained and drain easily?
Is the property double-glazed? This helps to reduce the heating bills.
What are the condition of the windows frames and panels?
Are the external doors solid and secure?
Are the locks adequate, secure and operate properly?
What is the general décor in the property?
What is the general standard of maintenance?
Are there any urgent repairs required? If so, list them.
Is there adequate ventilation? Are there signs of damp?
Is the property let on an unfurnished, part-furnished or fully furnished basis?
What furniture is included?
Are Safety labels attached to the soft furnishing?
Do the labels state compliance to "The Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) (Amendment) Regulations 1993" and BS7177:1989? What parking facilities are there? How many, are they on street or secure off street parking?
Are there residential parking permits in operation?
What is the annual cost and the number of permits available per household?
What is the general ambiance of the neighbourhood?
Are the streets well lit?
Are the streets clean and well maintained?

What are local facilities and amenities?
Is the property near the shops?
What shops are they?
Other considerations: schools, libraries, transport (bus, trains etc), health care facilities (NHS doctors and dentists), recreational parks and leisure centres, cinemas and not forgetting local pubs.

Is there a burglar alarm system installed?
Are the smoke detectors well maintained and in working order?
Are the fire extinguishers well maintained with a valid certificate?
Where is the electric fuse board, is it easily accessible?
Are there any spare fuses?
What is the condition of the electrical appliances provided?
Are there instruction manuals for the electrical appliances?
Where is the gas emergency valve, is it easily accessible?
What is the condition of the gas appliances?
Are they in good working order?
Is there an instruction manual for the boiler and central heating?
Is there a valid Gas Safety Certificate?
Are all gas appliances listed on the certificate?
Where is the emergency water stopcock and is it easily accessible?

In the bathroom and kitchen: do the taps give good flow of water and turn off without dripping; do the drains smell fresh and drain well?
How many toilets are there? Do the toilets flush?
Are there any signs of water leaks? This applies particularly to rooms under the bathrooms and toilets.
Are there signs of damp, moulds, etc?
Is there adequate ventilation?
Are laundry facilities provided? If so, what and are there coin operated?

Are there locks on the bedroom doors? This is frequently required when taking out Student Insurance.
Is there sufficient space in each room to meet your requirements?
How many electric sockets are there?
What is the general décor in the property?
Can you redecorate?
Must it be returned to its original colour at the end of the tenancy?
What is the general standard of maintenance?
Are there any urgent repairs required? If so, list them and obtain agreement for date of completion of repairs.
Do you have to purchase an individual Television licence for the private room? Yes.


Can you afford the rent and all the running costs?
How much bond is required?
When is the rent due? How do I make the payments?
What is the TOTAL COST before moving in?
Can the Landlord provide a rough estimate of the running costs for budgetary purposes [gas, electric, water, sewerage (water rate)]?
Do I have to register the gas, the electricity bills in my name?

  • Do I have to purchase a TV licence?
  • Do I have to pay a retainer over the student holiday periods?
  • Do I need to have a rent guarantor?
  • Do I have to insurance my personal belongings?

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It is advisable to pre-book viewing appointments and be accompanied by a friend.
Is there a spy hole or security chain on the front-door?
Is the external front-door fitted using 5 lever mortise locks?
Are the streets leading to the property well lit? Do they feel safe to use at night?
Would you feel safe with your bedroom on the ground floor?
Are there window locks? If not can they be fitted?
Does the rear of the property feel secure, rear-door and back garden gate?
Are locks fitted to the bedroom doors?
Are lock fitted to the bathroom and toilet doors?
Is this a good neighbourhood?
What is the level of street crime in the city and in this part of the city?
What is the procedure for carrying out repairs and maintenance?
What check have been carried out on the current tenants?
Is there an emergency contact number? What are the office hours?

Is the property being let on a joint or individual tenancy agreement?
How long is the fixed term in the tenancy agreement?
What is the length of notice you need to give to terminate the agreement?
Are there any penalties for early termination of the agreement?
What are bills are you liable for?
What are the Landlords’ right of access to the property?

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