Tips and Tools to be a
Successful Property Investor

We have over 10 years of experience as property investors. We own and manage houses, flats, apartments and house shares for ourselves and on behalf of other investors. We have students and professional tenants, as well as housing benefit tenants. We strive to provide an excellent level of service and satisfaction to landlords and tenants alike.

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Being a property investor is one of the safest and simplest methods for achieving a regular income and building up wealth. Being a property investor is easy to understand. What you need is common sense, willingness to learn simple new skills and a desire to succeed.

We have tried share trading and investing and other methods. These were more complicated to understand. We found property investment to be the most rewarding financially. We are providing a valuable service for people we meet.

There are many ways to profit from being a property investor.

  • You can invest in land. Buy and hold (while waiting for the price to rise) then sell.
  • Buy land. Obtain planning permissions on it. Selling the land with the enhancement.
  • Buy a house that is being built. As it is being built, the value of what you bought can increase. Sell it during or after it has been built. This is known as Buying Off Plan.
  • Buy a run down property. Fix or do it up. Sell it. This can be enjoyable if you like building work.
  • Find a higher use for a property. too much land, build another house on it. A house that is too big? Split it into flats or smaller units.
  • Buy low (eg. at auction) and sell high (through estate agent).

The popularity of property investing has been due to falling interest rates, disappointment with stock market performance, and people seeing their own homes rise in value.

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Belief. You must first believe that property investing is for YOU. We believe that developers, investors and landlords provide a valuable social service. Developers bring unused land into use by building homes, shops or other industrial buildings. Investors can convert wasted and delapidated houses back into use. Landlords can provide homes for the homeless. You must beleive that property investing is a good and worthwhile thing.

Aims and Goals. What level of wealth and income do you want to achieve? How do you want to achieve that level of income and wealth? You need aims and goals so that you know where you want to get to which gives you ideas about how to get there.

  • Self-reliance and freedom.
  • Growth and Independence.
  • Spending more quality time with your family.
  • A business you can grow and control.
  • Financial independence.
  • Self-Esteem and Recognition of your achievements
  • Sense of Community and Contribution
  • Being a Professional Property Investor

Commitment. Consistently applying yourself to your aims makes you a winner. Remember who the winner in that fabled race was. The tortoise consistently plodded on to win the race! So get committed to consistently working on track to achieving your goals. It will pay you big time.

Education You need to to get tools, strategies and techniques to do the things that give you success in achieving your aims.

We are constanly learning and improving on our investor education. We love talking to other investors and learning what works and what did not work for them. We have attended seminars on investing and enjoyed the opportunity to meet other like minded individuals, share experiences and learn new skills. We feel even if we learnt only one new lesson, it would be worthwhile. We are consistent readers and invest in books, DVDs, CDs and courses to add to our investment library.

There are many organisations that can provide you with the opportunity to meet successful investors and would be investors like yourselves. Inside Tack is one of the better known national organisations and a banner link is provided below. They offer a free two hour introductory workshop.

These skills are essential for a successful property investor.

  • Property Management Skills. Personal attributes necessary to be a successful Property Investor. The skills are complex and varied. They are essential in creating and capitalising on opportunities.

  • Choosing and Managing your Mortgage. Choosing the correct mortgage is critical in minimising your monthly expenses. There are many types available on the market and the numerous variations can be confusing.

  • Choosing and managing your Insurance. The level of perceived risk. The correct level of insurance level. Re-build Cost, Under-estimate, over-estimate, Insurance premium... important factors.

  • Gas Safety Regulations. There are numerous safety regulations for rental property that you must be aware of and comply with. Failure to comply with these legislations can make you liable to financial prosecutions, financial penalties and imprisonment. Ignorance of the law or Regulations is NO defence in a prosecution case.

  • Furniture and Furnishing Regulations. Furniture can produce toxic smoke. Learn how to reduce this risk.

  • Electrical Equipment Regulations. There are more accidents with electrical equipment than gas. Prevent and protect yourself from liability.

  • Smoke Detection Act. Smoke kills more than fire. Look here for the guidelines.

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